Components for automotive industry

      automotive components

Plastor supplies parts for automotive industry since 1993. The experience gathered from manufacturing automotive components brought us many clients. The most important clients from the automotive industry are: Renault, Bosch, Odelo, Mahle, Faurecia, Valeo, Dura,Treves, Huf, Vernicolor and others.

Automotive components manufactured in Plastor are parts for the ventilation and cooling system: airducts for the front panel or lateral heating, parts for window wipping system, for the engine cooling system, for the front and the back lighting system, various interior components (aspect parts), parts for the engine compartment (in the filter zone and fluids circuits zone) and also for the closing and locking system.

The automotive components are made by injection technology and blow-molding (traditional or suction blow molding) technology. According to the customer request, Plastor can provide decoration of the items by: painting, screen printing, pad printing and hot stamping, as well as assembling works.