Mold construction - own production

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Plastor designs and manufactures moulds for own products and for different clients. Moulds manufactured for clients can be used in Plastor for injecting parts or they can be delivered to the client.

Our clients come from many domains:

  • Automotive industry ( Renault, Bosch, Odelo, Mahle, Treves, Faurecia, Huf, etc )
  • Thermotechnics ( Bosch Thermotechnik)
  • Home appliances ( Electrolux, Emerson, Benchmark, etc)
  • Miscellaneous( Outil Wolf, Etesia,Brill, Salomon, Atomic, Stoke, Custom Production Europe, etc)

Plastor designs and manufactures moulds for injection and extrusion-blowing reaching dimensions of 1200 X 800 X 800 mm and weight of 4.5 tones, made of steel or aluminum.

Our experts have a big experience in manufacturing moulds with complex kinematics and tight tolerance.

Used soft in CAD / CAM departments are: Pro-Engineer and Euclid.

Mould manufacturing work-room works with machines like: CNC mills (Fadal, CB Ferrari, Mikron, Rambaudi), electro-erosion CNC machines (Agie, Charmilles), die spot press (Reiss) and CNC lathes.

Standard mould components () are chosen according to clients requests and can be ordered from  Hasco, DME, Rabourdin, Meussburger and others.