Finished good subcontracting

finished goods

The most complex production activity that is carried out in Plastor regards the subcontracting of manufacturing of complex finished goods.

For this type of products, Plastor can provide:

  • Product development together with the client,
  • Design and construction of injection and blow-extrusion molds,
  • Mold-injection of plastic components,
  • Parts decoration (screen-printing, tampo-printing, hot-stamping, painting),
  • Packaging,
  • Warehousing and delivery logistics.

The customers of Plastor are international well-known names, activating in miscellaneous fields:

  • Sports equipments (Salomon, Atomic),
  • Gardening equipments (Brill - AL-KO),

The mold injection machines used for the manufacturing of these products have the clamping force between 50 – 1100 tf and are made by: Demag, Arburg, Negri Bossi, Krauss Maffei

The materials processed are: PP, PU, PA, PA + GF, POM, PET, PBT, ABS, etc.

The products are assembled on technological lines specific to every group. 

The specialized departments in the company provide the logistic support for the delivery of the finished goods to locations all over the world.