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Pergo srl

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Pergo srl
was founded in 1999 taking over the tradition and experience of the mother Company-Plastor SA- in industrial, home-use and personal brushes manufacturing.

During these years through a performant management and with the help and support of Plastor, Pergo proved its ability to take a strog position on the local and external market.

Investing in new bristeling machines in the years 2002, 2004 and 2006, they were able to extend the range of products along with the increase of quality.

At the begining of the year 2008 Plastor Trading take over a big part of company's distribution,  Pergo keeping its own commercial activity for products exported aswell as for items meant for industrial users.

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Adress:  410547 Oradea,Romania, Str.Gutenberg nr.14

Phone: 004(0)259 469 408

              004(0)359 401 332

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Fax: 004(0)259 467 723